Rainy Day.

Hi! Finally, new outfit-post in November, Yeay! I'm still fascinated in fall/winter style. Please don't be bored.  FYI, in Indonesia only has two seasons, there are rainy and dry. I don't know why Surabaya, city where I live, has super long dry season. Surabaya never rains. If Surabaya started raining, people who live in would be like get a bunch of money falls from the sky. They're astonished! Barakallah, yesterday, Surabaya rained for the first time in rainy season. Let's click read more for full outfit (& stories :p)

Lately, I suddenly feel like I have to change my life more useful for people, at least for my friend around me. You know, I loooove to make something more beautiful. I mean, I would like to share about style, dance (even-though I cannot dance) , music, make up, or anything else that make something beautiful or yea something like that, you know. But I don't know why I am totally unsure about my self. I just don't wanna people think that I am a snob woman who just wanna show unimportant things or tell a hoax, Please you guys don't even think like that...

I always collect some empty plastic bottles in class then throw it away in trash bin, I don't know why classmates always 'put' an empty plastic bottle in class after they drink it all, I just care to a person who keep our class clean (actually we don't have a janitor, we only have an office staff who take care our class). I just wanna everybody knows that is just simply thing you can do. I am not trying to boast, I just remember that when I forget or late to give my tasks to my dozen, the office staff is the only one who absolutely helps me, that's the reason why I care. I love my friend who is doing the same as well. 

In the other hand, I have good news, yesterday, when I was going out with Devi and Rinca, I was totally happy because I could share my make up to them. Before we hang out for Saturday night, they asked me what make up that I used for the night, then, I just told them what kind of make up that I used, what kind of make up which is good for ours. Then, I provided their make up before we went out. I was totally happy for the result, they were beautiful and charming before, but when I put my make up, they were looked better. They were excited that night. I know everybody needs make up to make our face looks fresh, hide our tired face, and make everybody who are looking at you suddenly smile. But please don't put to much make up when you're in school. Just make it balances with another. FYI, I am still a beginner in make up, I just learned from Amanda Steele for make up tutorials you can find her on youtube: MakeupbyMandy24. (Ps. I didn't take some pictures on yesterday Saturday night, I am sorry)

I wish I can be more confident and doing better for people around me. Please remind me if I am getting snob, tell me straightly, I will not hurt you :p. Bye dry season, welcome diamond rainy day! Prepare your coat and umbrella, don't get sick, keep your body healthy.

They are my friends who help my outfit photos yesterday, Rinca who wears pink hijab and Devi is the another one.

 What I wore:
Stripes Shirt, f
Jeans, Annora
Snapback, Noinbrand
Shoes, WAKAi
Backpack, Elizabethbag 


Jackie Harrison said... Reply

Nice images you look like you had a blast.

Frisda A. said... Reply

@Jackie Harrison yes, I am. thanks for reading, jackie! :)