Hi! I just give the title's named Tyto Alba because my last blog's named Tyto Alba. I am just moving to my oldest blog and renewing it. Tyto Alba is an owl which has fluffy white fur and beautiful.

Then, this blog's name is Bambina. Bambi is a white-tailed deer, but I put -na to make sure my lovely readers remember and pronounce well. In the other side, Bambina means little girl. Actually I am 20 y.o but trap in 13 y.o body. My friends said that my face immature, look like toddler! Then, This is it, welcome to B A M B I N A. This is my today look, I can't wait for Fall!

What I wore:
 Vintage Shirt, Handmade
Fur White Sweater, sorry I forgot the boutique's name
Pants, For Kiss
Wedges, Elizabeth
Photo taken by Dian Yulia Sari


Dian Yuliasari said... Reply

Sometimes you look like a kid who getting lost somewhere :p
Haha kidding, fris :D


Cindy Wilson said... Reply

cute cute cute! love this look<3 you mixing all the color super well from head to toe :) great job!


beka nicole said... Reply

you are so beautiful<3

frisda azzarina said... Reply

@Dian Yuliasari stay young! xD

frisda azzarina said... Reply

@Cindy Wilson thank you cindy :) you're so kind, love your site:)

frisda azzarina said... Reply

@beka nicole thanks beka! you too! :)