Throwback Thursday

Hi! Sorry because I have posted my old photos (and shared uninteresting experience), but you can learn a lots from this posting. Last semester I attended minor-subject that I wanted so badly, (yes!) Fashion Design. Unfortunately I didn't have anytime to take a shoot of my muse while she was in catwalk. I was so saaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I hope there's somebody captured that moment. (you can send by email, hopefully). Keyh, what would happen the next........?

Nikita and Tiara were my partners for my final fashion design exam, we had to make a suit with Tenun Indonesia. We got the suit succeed, but the macrame was failed. Actually my concept was Hip Hop Papua. We had A-shirt with lace colar, tenun overall pants with macrame on it, wedges, and leather snap-back. I wish you can image the outfits:(

We lost the first catwalk because our MUA forgot our appointment. I wouldn't say her name. But you know, she's not professional enough. Sorry if I said this. She was late for 2 hours and the make up result was bad, My muse got mad then she cleaned up and she did her own make up.  I didn't know about this, Tiara is the person in charge about this situation. Nikita and I already were in venue because We had been late for 2 hours. I know it's our duty, We had to prepare correctly if we wanna get a good result. 

Anw, thank you for everybody who came. BIG LOVE for Hana & Diana who gave me flowers when we were on second catwalk!! It was hilarious. I was sorry to hear that Hana lost her SLR (+lenses & external flash) in venue. We were too excited all the time, so we didn't save our goods carefully. I wish you will get new camera (++++) soon, Han!

What I wore:
Shirt, Handmade
Necklace, I got at Malioboro Market Yogyakarta
Jeans, unbranded


Dian Yuliasari said... Reply

Dudududuuuh aku belum sempet ambil fashion design udah ganti kurikulum duluan hiks :(

Cup of Scarf

frisda azzarina said... Reply

@Dian Yuliasari ahhhh. pasti nanti ada! ikut lah wkwk lagian cm sketsa2 sama cutingan ajaa

JanuaryChokko said... Reply

I love the outfits! So stylish. I'm "new" to Blogger (blogger with no following). haha. I'd love to get some advice from those with more experience:) http://januarychokko.blogspot.ca/

Jointy&Croissanty said... Reply

Gorgeous looks!

Frisda A. said... Reply

@JanuaryChokko hi! thanks for visiting:)
just keep posting and make your template looks stunning:) xx

Frisda A. said... Reply

@Jointy thank you!:)

Black R a n d o m White said... Reply

It's such a pleasure find your blog! The active and lovely blog! :")

Frisda A. said... Reply

@Black R a n d o m White hi! thank you berry much:3

Caro * said... Reply

Lovely photos. You are cute together :)