Epic Coffee and Epilog Furniture

Hi! It has been long time i haven't posted any here. I am terrifying because I haven't found Compact Flash Memory in Surabaya. I just found in Plaza Marina Surabaya but the price is too expensive, IDR 800.000. I am gonna die!!! But I don't give up, I don't wanna sell my Sony Alpha because it has been being my friend since 2009. Key, then I will post some about Interior Design! You-know-why, because I am a student in Interior Design Department now and my (bad) habit is............... hang out! I mean, I spend a lot of money just for NOTHING (important!). I am just looking around to inspire my self. Am I productive enough? lol. Let's get started! For, the first stand, I give you Epic Coffee & Epilog Furniture.

Last year, I went to Yogyakarta (I'd love to visit YK, again and again) and I visited Epic Coffee and Epilog Furniture, but unfortunately it was under construction, so the (up)yard wasn't finished enough. The first time I saw this warehouse, the exterior is awesome!!! Industrial is absolutely its design concept. Exposed bricks and concrete, exposed ceiling and down-light, some rustic elements match up with another industrial elements. They use recycle materials like jute, old wood, iron, and rustic finishing as the complement. Interior looks elegant but casual. They add some European style to make the interior suitable for teenager or elder. 

The cafe is merge with furniture showroom, so if you're a interior design student or even you're the real interior designer you have to visit. They sell some unique (and EPIC!) properties. This showroom made my heart's BOOM CLAPPING! (and my brain was like a bit brighter than before).

How about the food? The food are nice but a bit expensive (for me). But It's worth a try! Last time I ordered Frozen Vanilla and Steak, I spent almost IDR 150.000. Someday I have to try their coffee because they said, "Let The Coffee Tell The Story". See you soon in YK!


Epic Coffee and Epilog Furniture
Palagan Tentara Pelajar 29, YK, Indonesia

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