Bong Kopitown

Hi! I am gonna tell you about Bong Kopitown Yogyakarta (They have Bong Kopitown in Jakarta too!) This is the second time, I was posting about interior design. And............ Restaurant again and again. Feels like I am starving every-time! I love food especially appetizer!! If everybody say "Life is short, eat dessert first." I am gonna say, appetizer is the best meal ever! I love Toast, toast, and toast that complete with chocolate jam and melted cheese! I think I am gonna marry them! Too much talking for epilog, fris! Let's get started!

Bong Kopitown has their motto, "The Happiest Prisoner on Earth".  You're gonna be kidding me! Yea, I mean, if prisoner is their customer, customer is a king, then the prisoner is a king! The king must have been being happiest person in the world! (Ps. I wasn't taking about politics, I was talking about disney stories ;D) Bong Kopitown has unique interior design because when you come here you feel like prisoner. Omg! I was in a Jail! The walls of the restaurant are covered with clink, as are the restrooms.  The style is inspired by 60s jail in Hongkong. The smoking area is full of graffiti that tell stories about Hongkong Police Department

In the main room, they had hard-steel stairs that made me astonished to walking around this place. But, I was not delightful because my cellphone had run out of the battery and I hadn't taken many pictures. I just borrowed my friend's phone to take some pics. I hope you're still enjoying to read this post.

The waiters and waitresses wore b&w striped tees, they gave me an old town post as menu. The menu is Chinese Food, like Kung pao, Tom Yam, Cap Cay etc, but They also have  Indonesian Food like Rendang Spicy Noodle, and Pontianak Crab Noodle. The recipes are from Bong Chandra - he's a motivator, entrepreneur,  writer, and owner of Bong Kopitown.

I was shocked when I saw the plate was made by zinc, and the waitress said, "here your order, Rice with Kung Pao and Yin Yang Tea." when I tasted the food, i just wanna say, "it's super delicious!" Nice plating and good taste, complete with nice interior and good friends!

By the way, next sunday I am going to Bali for 5 days to learn more about Interior design, especially aesthetics and materials. I hope I can take a lots photos and inpire you to get better and better! Ps. Sorry for low quality of pictures below. See you soon!

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Bong Kopitown
Jl. Sagan kidul 4 Yogyakarta, Indonesia