Heritage181: Little Cozy and Classy

HELLO there! It has been long time I haven't posted anything for you. It's been A MONTH! What the hell have you been doing lately, Fris? 

Let me tell you, my holiday has already gone, Ofc it was so fast! On my first day of school, I've been terrifying because I have to find an interior design company for my internship. Please, wish me luck! I will be busy for internship during my next holiday period. Feeling so bad luck but I am okay. I promise my internship will be amazing ( I wish more than anything )

Talking about this post, I always pass San Antonio Shopping Town (in Pakuwon City Residential) while I am going to school. There were some new cafes and restaurants. As I said, I'd love to visit new places. I went to one of cafes there, but it was disappointing. Then I decided to visit Heritage181, I was so lucky! Don't you know why? 

First time when I visited here, it was raining. As you can see, Heritage181 prepared an umbrella stand and welcoming doormat in front of the door. In the corner of the cafes, there was a couple of fences and grass jelly. The doors literally describe it is a bakery shop. Of course they didn't have a big meals, just some beverages and finger foods. 

Heritage181, the first time I think when I heard the name was Classical. Heritage means tradition,  culture, something unforgettable, As you can see, the interior design concept is classic, a bit rustic a bit modern maybe. I know, Classic has been trending for 2015. But I've just already known that classic is interesting when I visited here. Mostly uses white for the walls and tables. All of the sofas and chairs are brown. Sofa's patterns just remind me about my grandma's sofas. It's classic, old, but interesting, match up with white. They put mirrors in a white frames like a mediterranean window to make their room look bigger. They also use wood panels for the wall on the right side. I saw red as vocal point colors. they use red mirrors are hanging at the corner of the room and some red flowers are glued on the wall.

Typography make something looks amazing! They use a very tall wood rack to display the cake. The wood rack has typographic on it. It's unfinished but looks eye-catching. I love the way they display their cakes on a hanging rack between the wood rack. Very incredible idea.

They use gypsum for the ceiling but there's some horizontal woods as the aesthetic looks good with white lights. I think they chose the white lights because the shop was quite small and they need some refreshing color, then white lights is better than warm ones. 

Beside the wood rack there's a cashier counter a bit smaller but they have very nice waitresses so don't worry to ask what's recommended for you!

They're also decorating the stairs with some arty chopping blocks. Some leveling racks to display the triplets flowers bouquets. there are magazines at the bottom of the rack and extra spoons, forks, peppers, tomatoes and sauces at the top.  I love the way they decorating, I was feeling I was in my nanny's home. 

They have a couple of tables in the backyard. There're some fences on the wall and the vertical garden looks amazing! Still has classical vibe because the furniture are white and made of wood.

I could see the second floor for my second visiting, because the first time when I visited, the second floor was booked for a party. Finally I have been back for the second time.

I was sorry for the low quality photos because I didn't bring my camera☹ I didn't take enough photos for the second floor because the cafe was quite full at that time. Maybe next time I will take some.

I don't know why there's a table that decorated with balloons, dolls, and crepe papers in an opened London Telephone Box, I think it's just for photo-booth. It was great but a bit confusing. At the front they have railing so we just felt like in a balcony. I suddenly forgot that I was in a shop. 

The second floor also has extra peppers and sauces beside the photobooth area. The wall just plain wall but they have some graffiti in the corner. They hang some classic lamps and some old building photos on the wall so the classical concept was hard in here. 

How about the food? hm.................. It's just finger food then, but It's tasty! I promise you would love to try another finger food because you will never afraid of deliciousness. The first time when I came here, there're my bill:

Food: Beef Lasagna ()
I don't like lasagna but if you give me Beef Lasagna from Heritage181 I'd love to eat without thinking.
Beverage: Oreo Frappe ()
It's just okay, nothing special. But It's blended so soft and creamy.

Food: Mix Sampler ()
Nice plating but I want more mayonnaise for my french fries. Can I?

Food: Macaroni Schotel ()
I thought It was plating without aluminium foil. I think It will be better. But the taste is great for me. However my friend said it's a bit salty.

I also ordered Smoked Beef Risoles and Lemon Tea but I cannot took the photo because my phone was ruined out of battery. The taste was good, nothing wrong.
Food: Smoked Beef Risoles () I loveeeeeeeee!
Beverages: Lemon Tea () Just Okay.
                   Strawberry Tea () My friend said It's sour, need more honey or sugar.
                   Lychee Tea () Best of Lychee Tea ever. Because the Lychees were so big

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Tips & Thoughts
  • Too crowded in the first floor, especially the cashier area maybe you can move one or two tables and chairs to the backyard or the second floor.
  • Your backyard is incredible amazing but there's some bowl full of aluminium foils and a huge black plastic bag in the corner. Why? 
  • I love your music playlist! 
  • Some pudding maybe? 
  • Everything is delicious. Please I want your Lasagna again and again, but It is not ready at noon. Isn't it?



Name :
Location :
San antonio Shopping street N1 - 81 Pakuwon City
Best Time to Visit : 15.00 - 18.00
Instagram : @Heritage181
Rating :

Temperature: Okay
Range of Price :
Foods Rp. 4.500, -  Rp. 33.000, -
Drinks Rp. 5.000, -  Rp. 27.000, -

Wi-fi : 
Available || Current Password : Drinkeneten
Electricity : Available
Toilet: Available   
Parking Lot: Available  
Smoking : 
Outdoor area only


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