Caloria (Christmas Decoration)

I am gonna tell you about decoration, sorry it's a bit too late ☹ but why not? As you can see that's Christmas decoration. I wanna post about Caloria's interior design but, when I was in there, the restaurant was full so I couldn't take enough photo, I just didn't wanna annoy another customers there. (Plus) my camera was ruined out battery, how pity :( So, I just had some Christmas decoration details in Caloria.

Caloria is a new restaurant near BCA Kertajaya Surabaya, I was interested because the door was like chocolate bars and I saw that kind of door on pinterest, I think the Up's Office (owned by Diana Rikasari) also used that design. So, I decided to post about Caloria's interior design, but you know, maybe next time I'd post about its interior looks. Now, it's time for decorating

At the foyer there was a Christmas photo-booth complete with snowman, winter tree, fake snow, lighting string snowman and "Merry Christmas" at the top of frame. I saw there were some customers take a photo here. Fortunately, they didn't need monopod or tongsis. Just asked the waitress to take their photo. It means the waitress were kind. So, no need to worry


Last day I had table no. 8 beside the Christmas decoration, alhamdulillah that was cozy and had the great views. The Christmas decoration felt like in a granny's home. There was a couple of pole with green and red stripes, that was a partition. The fake leaves from the bottom to the top looked like Christmas tree, it had some blue bows and light color balls on it, right in the middle between those poles.

A huge teddy bear as the point of view, they took it right at the rule of third our perspective. That's good! at the left side there was a rocking chair with  a banana pillow on it. There were some crates, wine bottles, and red flowers. Look catchy for Christmas vibe. All of the material finishing was glossy. It made the light was spreading into the room. I think the mood was old time but the atmosphere was still modern. Pretty good job ☺ They also had the hanging Christmas decoration on the ceiling. They were serious to make Christmas mood in here.

(I think) All of the the food was platting in a wood plate (pretty unique idea!) and the beverage was in a jar. The food was a big portion, eventhough that was an appetizer. I had my Toast and Red Velvet Blended. My friend, Nikita, has Nachos and Cookies and Cream Blended. The Red Velvet was good but a bit too sweet, the Toast was okay and recommended. In the other hand, My Friend loved her blended and didn't like her nachos, because she don't like the avocado, she just didn't know. 

I think their beverages are better than another menu. I am sorry, I am not a recipe tester so I cannot say it was a wrong or something like that. I just wanna share what I got and yea! hopefully you can enjoy and inspired ☺ ps. That rabbit was cute

Selfie time!
Sorry for our tired face, we went here after we have done our task.

  • The decoration (with teddy) could be used as photobooth, maybe the model can be standing or sitting on the rocking chair, but Unfortunately table no. 8 was too close so, they hadn't enough space to take some photos with it. 
  • The photobooth (snowman) was too dark. So, we almost didn't know there's a decoration.


Name :
Location :
Jl. Raya Dharmahusada Indah 87, Surabaya
Temperature: Good
Range of Price :
Foods Rp. 30.000, -  Rp. 128.000, -
Drinks Rp. 10.000, -  Rp. 33.000,-
Exclude 5% Service Charge & 10% Government Tax
Wi-fi :
Smoking :
Outside only


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The food there looks so tasty and I love also the interior so much! Such kind of restaurants I miss really on the Bavarian country side where I live ...

Thank you for your pleasant comment on my blog. You have a beautiful blog and now I wonder if you want to follow each other?

xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

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seems nice and fun moment for you dear :)



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