Pipe & Barrel: Casual and Artsy

Trying new places is my favorite thing to do and BOOM! Last Saturday night I went to Pipe & Barrel! I've never seen this kind a cool restaurant before,  Pipe and Barrel is owned by Chef Ken, Top Three of Master Chef Indonesia 2! I do love watching Master Chef, especially US and Indonesia! I do love Master Chef Junior, too! Both are interesting ❤ I was too excited, how the food is gonna be like!


First impression while I arrived in here, I was astonished because the warehouse looks excellent :O it's extremely casual and elegant. Although that's a restaurant but it is not too formal. When I was going inside, it looks like a big restaurant in a garage. Actually they use metal, wood, exposed brick and concrete. Ah, I mean, not in a garage, I felt like I was in a Texas Saloon (Am I wrong?). They have sofas and wood chairs which have warm colors like red, orange, and yellow. All the waitress looks edgy with tattoos and punk hair because the interior concept is like in a saloon. One of them asked me where I want to sit, I chose the indoor smoking area because it looks more artistry and gorgeous. The door between smoking area is a barn door and you have to see the handle, you cannot believe it, it's really really pretty good idea

The indoor smoking area is so RAD!! They have a bunch of license plate on a wall and the colors looks incredible into one! They also have branding graffiti and combination of wood partition & gunny sacks for the toilet! As their name, Barrel, they use chair and table which is adopted from wine barrel but with a glossy finishing. Another table looks like package box. In the corner, the sofas and table look like a barn style, with a glossy finishing it still looks masculine. The lighting is from hanging lamps with not too warm color maybe around 4000 - 5000 K.

They have typography on wood with a vibrant colors, some traffic signs and they have some pictures about motorbike, car, drag, and racing. They also remember to put some life plants for the smoking area on the left corner and some are hanging between the outdoor and indoor. They have exposed bricks on the backside wall, and mostly they use marble (is that?) for the wall and floor in the indoor smoking area, as you can see the indoor non-smoking area just full of glass and white exposed bricks :)

Moving in the outdoor, they use hard concrete on the floor and the wall combination is made from small chunks of wood arranged form a rectangle, cool!  and mostly concrete wall. They also have colorful graffiti at the right corner, perfect with black table and bar stools. At the font side of outdoor area they have orange fiber chairs, solid wood yellow chairs and rattan chairs with solid wood table. btw, why do they use those orange chairs? Maybe last night was raining so maybe those chairs are a line not to enter because it's still wet.

At the backside of outdoor area there's a kitchen, but they use black partition with some traffic signs makes everybody doesn't realize, This backdrop just looks like photo-booth! :D The lamps are hanged together on a horizontal line with a bit warmer color around 3000 - 4000 K.


How is food and beverage? It's hard to say...... It's absolutely worth to try!! Last night, Diana and I were order Crispy Chicken Salad, Strawberry Banana, Black Pepper Beef Tortilla, and Bubble Gum Cotton Candy! They're stunning, good plating and nom nom nom! They use different plate in every single food, I think is based on those food, so your order looks totally matching on a plate or bowl, they also think about the color of the plate. The beverages are done the same.

As you can see, black pepper beef in a black flat plate because the food is roll, crispy chicken salad looks stunning in white. The bubble gum cotton candy looks great in a milk bottle, and last the strawberry banana looks sweet in a high slim glass, just like a sexy lady. Good job Chef Ken! 

Btw, I love the table number, it has a  hourglass on it. Pretty cool idea. The interior of Pipe & Barrel was inspired. Sorry if I cannot describe all, because It's just like blowing my mind. The restaurant is quiet full, such a great place to meet your friends and your family, don't forget to bring your camera because as you can see this place has pretty cool design! When I asked the waitress, can I take a photo of this place, yeay I was allowed! So, don't worry, you're allowed to take some photos, you can also take a photo with Chef Ken if you want! super b :) The waitresses are kind although they have to look like a punker! haha


selfie time!

  • Maybe you need book menu without picture it's okay, but I need to know what is recommended without asking.
  • Turn on the fan for your smoking area because a bit steamy in there, perhaps one more Air Conditioner.
  • Adding a few acoustic song or maybe classical, I heard mostly EDM and Rock (is that true?) even-though your concept is Saloon, but the lady need some refreshing songs.
  • Need more dessert. I just saw Panacotta in menu. Perhaps gluten-free pudding. Because panacotta is too sweet and I didn't have another choice.
  • THANK YOU FOR YOUR WELCOME DRINK! I love that one, super smooth taste


Name :
Pipe & Barrel
Location :
Jl. Polisi Istimewa 22, Surabaya
Rating :
Temperature: less cool
Range of Price :
Foods Rp. 18.000, -  Rp. 75.000, -
Drinks Rp. 18.000, -  Rp. 65.000, -
Exclude 3% Service Charge & 10% Government Tax

Wi-fi :

Available || Current Password : Affogatto
Toilet & Mushala:
Parking Lot:
Smoking : 
Indoor & Outdoor area only


Jackie Harrison said... Reply

Is so much fun to try out new places to eat. Great choice awesome pictures.

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Sounds nice !:D I'm really enjoying your blog by the way! I'm here for the first time but I will definitely visit more often now :)

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Gabrielle said... Reply

This is a great post as it's served as a reminder for me to try out some new restaurants - I've been playing it safe! I love the quirky decor of this place :)



Jointy&Croissanty said... Reply

Such a fantastic place and gorgeous pictures!
Happy New Year!:)

Elena Dal Maso said... Reply

It looks like a cozy restaurant :)
Happy New Year!


Dressed with soul said... Reply

Seems to be really cool there!

Thank you for your pleasant comment on my blog. You have a beautiful blog and now I wonder if you want to follow each other?

xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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Frisda A. said... Reply

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@Gabrielle so me, but let's hit the road to another:)

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Shirley Tay said... Reply

Awesome sharing, dear! I'm hungry now. Hahaha! I'm delighted to be back from my vacation & resuming my blog hopping! Happy 2015 to you , dear! xoxo
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Laviña Jampit said... Reply

nice place and foods dear ;)


Giulia Malano said... Reply

Amazing place and pics! Thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?:)


Dewanto Ape said... Reply

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