The Barista Coffee & Tea House: Garden Looking

Winter is coming! but, in Indonesia we don't have winter, just beware about heavy raining in December :( Yesterday was December 25th ! Marry X'mas for you guys who celebrated! (FYI, I am a moslem, somebody said that we shouldn't say Marry X'mas but I don't know, please don't judge me earlier because I think it's just okay). Started with this post I use 16:9 for my photos and no pastel filter anymore, I just resize the picture and post! I hope you guys keep enjoy :)

Yesterday, I was going to The Barista Coffee & Tea House, It's located beside Gas Station Kayoon, quite little but still have parking lot for motorbike and car :) The first impression when I arrived in The Barista, I was confused because I thought they also used the first floor but It was closed and they just had the 2nd floor. Let's going to the upstairs!

I don't actually know what kind of style that they used for the interior design, I think it was a bit urban, a bit modern, and they also have eco design was applied in their elements. Even-though, this shop is small but they have outdoor (absolutely for smoking area) and indoor. For the outdoor, they use rattan for the furniture maybe it is strong when raining comes. They have an umbrella on the table, I don't actually know what It called but you can see on my picture below. They have some life plants in the outdoor side, I think it's good to erase any kind of pollution especially tobacco. They use recycle syrup bottle as vases, I love that idea! Some bamboo backdrops in the backside with some plants on it look spontaneous but innovative, (I think) you need one more to make it complete. The outdoor looks unready because they have table without a couple of chairs (??) Maybe it was under-renovation.

 Let's go inside!

As you can see, the syrup bottles look good for decoration even for order area. Unfortunately, I cannot see how is the making of coffee, because I love to see how the barista makes my coffee I wish I can take a peek and take some photos :D The waitress is pretty kind so I wasn't confused while choosing my order. But I cannot see whole of blackboard menu, I think it is a bit higher or because of the cabinet and TV box on the front side covered the blackboard menu, I still cannot see the whole of menu even-though  I was standing in front of the cashier. Over all it looks excellent, the cashier area has good design because it looks privacy and it has some cabinets on the upper-side and the TV looks amazing on top so everybody can enjoy.

I love being here for long a long time because it has a good lighting, daylight is trapped good inside and it's good for everybody who wants to do her assignments or reads a book. They have kind a streamline wood chairs and sofas, over all super comfy! The color looks vibrant and refreshing <3>

As you can see the floor and the wall that they use is made like ceramics but it has wood pattern and bricks pattern plus the texture, Almost cafe or restaurant uses parquet and expose bricks but in The Barista, you only see ceramic with nice pattern and texture that looks real and natural.


For the food is standard, my friend tried beef lasagna but he said it's not special but the brownies is good and worth to try, we didn't try any kind of coffee just tea in the afternoon was great :) Maybe soon we have to try their coffee, although I cannot drink coffee because coffee makes my heart palpitate, how pity :( When I first came, The Barista was quite at noon and quiet full till night, The customers mostly 24-ish formally for meeting or something, but It is good place for student who comes for doing their homeworks (recommended at noon).


Name :
The Barista Coffee & Tea House
Location :
Jl. Embong Kemiri beside Gas Station, Surabaya
Rating :
Temperature: too cold
Range of Price :
Foods Rp. 15.000, -  Rp. 40.000, -
Drinks Rp. 22.000, -  Rp. 35.000, -
Exclude 10% Government Tax
Wi-fi :

Parking Lot:
Smoking : 
Outdoor area only

PS. Sorry I didn't ask about the toilets.


isra rusadi said... Reply

oees ada eug nih

Keisha Ramsay said... Reply

Looks like a great place to hang out. I like the decor.

Keisha xo

Frisda A. said... Reply

@isra rusadi hello!

Frisda A. said... Reply

@Keisha Ramsay thank you Keisha:)