Two Fall Make-up Looks

So, today I wanna post two different make up looks, You know, this is my first posting about make up look, actually, I wanna post some video make up tutorials because my friends suggested me to try, then why not? Hopefully you guys enjoy about this posting!

The first look I wanna be a little bit edgy for fall because I've never tried any kid of bold looks on my face, so it's different! What you need to do is your basic make up. First, primer your face, then put your foundation or BB Cream and conceal your face to make it more refreshing and smooth. Then I used powder for finishing and I was contouring my face with my bronzer and using eye primer then added shimmery eyeshadow on my eye-lines and added on my inner corner my eyes. Then added black eyeliner on my eye-lines too and I added some underneath my eyes. I also added a light cream matte eyeshadow under my eyebrows. I put my mascara on my eyelashes. Then I added red tint on my apples and I was complete with purple lips. I was not doing special for my eyebrows because it was too thick (I am not allowed to shave my eyebrows)  I just brushed it to make it had better look.

The second look, was a little bit natural. I was doing the same for basic make up but, I used dark brown eyeshadow for my eyelid, then the light brown on my grease then blended it out. For second look I used peach shadow for my apples and nude lipstick. For the eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyeliner I was doing the same like before. But I was not shimmering my eyes. 

So, those are two fall make up looks, I hope you guys enjoy this post! You can comment down below if you have an advice for me about make up look because I am not good enough to do this thing. But, I'd love to try try try everyday.

Lately, I just want to try online shopping for my make up products, because when I bought my make up products in Mall, sometimes they were lying about the price, because they don't have price tag on the product. Sometimes, they gave me the wrong product, and didn't give me the bonus (they said they forgot). I am dissapointed. 

When, I was surfing on google and BOOOM! Good news for me and for you guys! I just found Zalora. They have special page for The Body Shop. It's easy to buy via online because they have live chat to help you shopping! They have mascara, lipstick, shadows, eye shadows, compact powder, lip liner, and all of make up products that you need and you have to have. The Body Shop has very good quality products, DO NOT even try to buy replica branded make up product because it will make your face's getting worse and unhealthy!

FYI, I looooove the smell of strawberry by The Body Shop. I have strawberry butter cream, strawberry body mist, and strawberry perfume by The Body Shop. You know, I feel more confidence to go everywhere with these strawberries! Now, I just go to Zalora webpage, then click the product that I want to buy, order, transfer, and I am done! My order will be at home really soon! They also  have perfume, body mist, butter cream, face wash, toner, etc. Zalora has everything I need! Gogogo, please check this awesome web shopping, Zalora Indonesia.

(ps. just click zalora or the body shop, you can go to the web directly) 


Jackie Harrison said... Reply

Very pretty great job on the makeup doll.
Have a lovely day.

Keisha Ramsay said... Reply

Both are such pretty looks...you did a fab job. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Keisha xo

Frisda A. said... Reply

@Jackie Harrison thank you jackie:)

Frisda A. said... Reply

@Keisha Ramsay i am glad to hear that. thanks for visiting:)

Shirley Tay said... Reply

You look so sweet, Frisda! Love both the make-up, dear! xoxo
Luxury Haven

Dian Yuliasari said... Reply

love strawberry <3
toss dulu fris! hahaha

Cup of Scarf

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said... Reply

so cute