Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) is the biggest carnaval in Indonesia. Every year Jember run this carnaval. Jember Fashion Carnival get the spotlight of international media in every year! I just cannot believe that this Carnival is the largest  in the world after the Mardi Grass in New Orleans in the United States, Rio De Jeneiro Carnaval in Brazil, and Fastnatch of Cologne in Germany. How great ! The president of JFC is Dynand Fariz, he’s a fashion designer based on Jember, Indonesia. All the people go to the central park to see the parade. But if you wanna see closer you must buy VIP ticket.
There are more than 600 participants walked on street catwalk along Sudarman street (Central Park), Gajah Mada street up to Jember Sport Hall as the world longest 3.6 kilometers catwalk. (source: wikipedia indonesia)

The talents are artists, models, designers, and students who were accepted from the selection first. But the talents showed off  their own design, not Dynand Fariz did. How come? because they got in house training fashion design, fashion run way, dance, presenter, singer, make up, and hair style  for FREE! Is that good? (source: wonderful indonesia)

Jember Fashion Carnaval 2013’s  themed Artechsion, it has Tribe, Tibet, Betawi, Octpus, Bamboo, Art Deco, Canvas, Beetle, Spider, and Venice as subthemes. JFC has four E concept, they’re yaitu Education, Entertaiment, Exhibition dan Economy Benefit. If you doesn’t have any plan this year, you can visit Jember for JFC in August. 

For more information you can visit this page http://www.jemberfashioncarnaval.com/main.php
Here's  the talents, they make the costumes with full of totality. Face painting on their face was supported by their action. Look at these picture and feel its vibe. 

 The last one is my favorite talent, i think someone with braces complete with great costume and made a stage. Sometimes i was looking at their shoes and i was thinking how they made it awesome.

I hope you enjoy this post and the pictures. See you!


Nicole Layne said... Reply

Thanks for stopping by my blog! These pictures are great! I love all of the colors from the festival. It looks like so much fun!

Nicole to the Nines

frisda azzarina said... Reply

@Nicole Layne you have to come next year!:)